Brand Strategy Consulting

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A brand isn’t static. Its performance changes over time as consumer preferences shift, new channels appear and competition piles into the market. So brands require ongoing care. To keep them vibrant, brand owners need an appropriate overall architecture.

Smart Vision helps you position, develop and invest in your brands to differentiate and drive growth. And Smart Vision experts do it by bringing an analytical perspective to brand strategy so clients can realize maximum value across all brands, products and channels — both physical and online — while recognizing the brand’s emotional elements. As part of that, we can:

  • Evaluate overall brand performance
  • Validate the profile of each brand’s key consumer segments
  • Understand the key factors driving consumer purchasing behaviors
  • Understand pricing power and permission to play across brands
  • Identify growth potential through new channels
  • Assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of individual brands

In addition, our experts support the development of new brands or refreshment of an existing brand by doing the following:

  • Establish how the key elements of each brand (product range, price points, positioning, channel availability, etc.) are differentiated in the minds of consumers and channel partners
  • Identify ways to protect each brand’s differentiation to support individual brand and overall portfolio growth
  • Determine the appropriate brand architecture, brand roles and rules to exploit a brand portfolio’s full potential
  • Define the appropriate and optimal role of each brand’s promotion and advertising messages across all channels including online
  • Simulate how changes to one brand affect other brands in a portfolio