Economic Consulting

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Economic consulting is the practice of providing organizations in the public and private sector with information to improve their performance and policies. Smart vision provides economic consulting for many sectors include businessfinancehealth care, and government.

We help organisations with some of their most difficult problems using economics. They may be developing a new strategy, facing a regulator or engaged in litigation. We pride ourselves on being a diverse, meritocratic, intellectual and supportive team. We all help shape our practice, and we foster a sense of entrepreneurship – everybody has a role in identifying and capitalising on new business development opportunities.

Our experts help companies, governments and their agencies to frame, make and deliver some of their biggest decisions and investments.

Legal Economic consulting. Smart vision provides important research and analytical services to provide expert insight into complex financial and economic situations to assess all of the financial aspects of the case, and provide expert advice, as well as analysis and testimony to be used in court. We provide critical insight and expert testimony in legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic decision making and public policy debates.

We also have deep expertise in antitrust issues, mergers and acquisitions, securities litigation and risk management, valuation and international arbitration

Smart vision provides law firms, corporations and government agencies with sophisticated and comprehensible analyses of complex economic issues to assist them in understanding the issues and opportunities they face. Our Economic Consulting practice is involved in a wide range of engagements related to economics, finance and accounting.

Valuation. Our Economic Consulting professionals — highly regarded experts in finance, economics and accounting — assist in the economic valuation of tangible and intangible assets on behalf of our clients. We provide valuation opinions and expert testimony in traditional commercial disputes, including matters of economic damage, post-transaction disputes, professional negligence and stakeholder controversy. We also offer valuation opinions and expert testimony in international disputes before international courts of jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals.

Smart vision Consulting helps clients identify and understand the value of their businesses in both contentious and non-contentious situations.