Food Industry Consulting

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Smart Vision as an independent advisor that gives professional assistance to clients working in some aspect of the food industry. These clients might be restaurant owners, school cafeteria managers, hotel owners or professionals working in any area where food is served to the public.

Smart Vision experts work with clients for a specific period of time and in pursuit of a particular goal. Our consultants help your business achieving better food safety, kitchen design, culinary development, master planning or revenue generation. Our consultants are ready to assist you in the development of programs to meet regulations.

Smart Vision provides extensive food industry consulting expertise, and incorporates innovation and best practices across all aspects of the value chain. We service clients from “farm to fork”, including: 

  • Food Retailers (Supermarket and Convenience Store Chains)
  • Foodservice Operators
  • Multinational and Regional Food Manufacturers and Marketers
  • Food Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Agricultural Producers and Raw Material Suppliers
  • Food Equipment Suppliers and Food Industry Service Providers
  • Food Industry Trade Associations

Our team brings a holistic approach to project management, incorporating corporate strategy and open innovation; new business, product and process development and technology transfer; quality assurance and food safety systems; facility, equipment, and process design. We have well knowledge expertise and depth of experiences in the field of value-added agricultural products, perishable prepared foods; specialty products; and functional and medical foods.