Human Resources and Capital Development Consulting

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HR consulting services

Smart vision implement many services in this field include Human Capital Strategy, Compensation & Benefits, Organisational Change, HR Function, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development and HR Technology.

Human capital strategy. Human capital strategy includes a variety of strategic work in the HR domain, such as defining a corporate culture, organisation design, setting up a people strategy that supports key pillars in the business, as well as the design of HR-related strategies in the area of among others diversity, recruitment and talent management.

Compensation & Benefits. Compensation & benefits, a segment also known as total rewards, looks at all aspects of employee compensation and benefits, from base and variable pay to bonus schemes and other secondary benefits, across the entire organisation – from board level to employees on the workfloor. The discipline also includes pensions / retirement consulting, and advisory services tied to health and welfare.

Organisational Change. Organisational change encompasses the people side of change, aimed at successfully guiding and embedding changes in organisational structure, ways of working or cultural changes within an enterprise. Change management stands at the heart of the service area, spanning advisory expertise to tools and interventions, with leadership alignment, stakeholder management, change interventions and cultural management the main offerings. Organisational change services can be sold as standalone offerings by consultancies, however, typically they are bundled into larger functional transformations to safeguard the people side of change.

HR Function. The HR function area focuses on all activities related to improving the functioning of the human resource department. Offerings vary from developing and implementing a HR target operating- or HR delivery model, to the implementation of HR systems and technologies, or other HR transformations that boost processes and organisational efficiency.

Talent management. Talent management encompasses all activities required to recruit, retain and develop talent, as well as having the right structure and processes in place to ensure professionals can perform optimally. Key propositions include strategic workforce planning – the science to anticipate on present and future human capital needs by matching business goals with HR data – recruitment & retention, workforce effectiveness and performance management.

HR Analytics. Through the rise of data and new technologies, HR analytics has grown into a full-fledged service area within HR consulting. HR analytics focuses on applying analytic processes to the human capital spectrum, with the key objective of adding insights and value to HR activities.

Learning & Development. The learning & development service line, also referred to as training & development, is concerned with activities aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups. The scope ranges from organisational- and competency development across leadership, departments and functions to support the training and education needs of individuals. Learning & development also includes the soft side of development, such as coaching and mentoring, as well as the technological side of training, such as the development and implementation of learning management systems.

HR technology. HR technology is the field that specialises in all systems and tools used in the HR department, including large ERP modules by SAP, Oracle or Microsoft, and more niche solutions per functional domain.

Leadership and Team Development

Developing a Team Leadership Model

The most effective organizations understand the importance of teaming, especially at the leadership level. We can help move your organization from the top-down authoritarian style to one that taps into the collective talents of team leadership. We can help you select and train leadership team members from within your organization to charge your atmosphere with excitement and commitment to getting results.

Administrator Training & Mentoring

According to John Maxwell, renowned author and leadership expert, it takes more than talent. Even naturally gifted leaders can use mentoring and skill-development to be more effective leaders. We can offer that help. We know what it takes to have an effective organization with engaged and fulfilled employees

Board & Governance Training

Some well-intentioned board members sacrifice their time and talents and never see their school or organization advance. Many boards get caught up in micro managing – neglecting the more important tasks of vision casting, policy setting and holding administrators accountable for results. We can help harness the talents of board members to provide the effective governance that every organization needs.


Effective disciplinary and grievance procedures – Our experts help clients settle grievance, advising businesses on disciplinary and grievance proceedings. 

Incentive Schemes – We can work with you to develop incentive schemes.

Better Relationship – Developing relationships, to improve your business and change cultures to create positive, productive and efficient teams.

Appraisal System Consulting

Well structured appraisal systems make it easier for both employer and employees to identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and to promote and monitor development.


Our  Human Resources experts offer a standard employment contract suitable for all employees, up to senior managers.

They provide clients with conditions of employment that include a detailed job description, and a clear list of employees rights and responsibilities.