Marketing & Sales Consulting

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Market Assessment. Smart Vision marketing consultants use market assessment and competitive analysis to provide critical input to business and brand strategy formulation. Smart Vision focuses on assessing the three C’s – Customer, Competitor and Company – to uncover brand and business-related growth opportunities.

Our marketing consultants use market assessment findings to confirm the issues to address in subsequent marketing consulting project steps.

Smart Vision develops customized analyses to help you make and implement decisions that consider both client-specific (e.g., corporate strategy and commercial objectives) and external factors (e.g., regulatory policies and national/regional market conditions).

Smart Vision aims to provide effective, rigorous, and practical market analyses and assessments. Our commitment to detailed research and market analytics provide you with data-supported analysis that support and inform your decision-making processes.

Our market assessment services are broad and deep, including business unit growth plans, demand forecasting, regional market assessments, portfolio and infrastructure analysis, and risk management policies and analysis.

Market Segmentation. Market segmentation flows from the perspective that not all customers are alike — and individual customer groups will seek out different products and brands for different reasons.  Our marketing consultants have deep expertise in applying market research to develop customer frameworks as the platform for marketing strategy development.

Quantifying a customer segmentation framework gives companies a clear understanding of the most attractive segments, including their size, profitability and growth potential. From this, resources can be better aligned to meet customer needs, both today and in the future.

Our marketing consultants help identify customer perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes regarding the category and available offerings.  An in-depth market research questionnaire is developed and fielded, with statistical analysis used to determine the optimal segmentation solution as a key input to strategic decision making.

Target Marketing. Target marketing is one of the most important, though often overlooked, components in marketing strategy development.  Targeting recognizes that most companies have limited resources and therefore need to “place their bets” where they will yield the highest return.

Many companies are reluctant to select a core target, fearing that excluding certain groups will decrease an important source of volume.  In turn, companies try to serve all customer groups equally, which can result in a diffused offering, that no one group finds appealing.

Strategic Positioning. Strategic positioning plays a key role in bringing focus and clarity to both upstream and downstream marketing activities. Our marketing consultants have broad and deep expertise in developing relevant and distinctive positioning for a broad array of clients.


Every successful business has a detailed, strategic and tactical marketing plan. Most businesses require a quarterly review with minor adjustments, with a major review (and possibly major adjustments) once a year. As marketing strategy consultants specializing in marketing plan creation, we work across a variety of client situations and are able to efficiently and effectively diagnose key issues to address through marketing strategy and plan development.   We build marketing strategies, plans and tactics designed to drive growth with a track-record of success across a variety of categories.

Market Research. Accurate, current market research makes a difference. Without it, you risk wasting money and time delivering the wrong products at the wrong price with the wrong message to the wrong customers.

Analysis and Planning. We’ll develop a marketing strategy that differentiates your business from your competitors. We’ll synthesize and analyze findings; differentiate your company from competitors in ways that are meaningful to customers; determine your target markets through data mining; define (or refine) your company’s value proposition; align your organization to close performance gaps, and help your organization deliver the value you promise.

Implementation. Our experts help you execute by translating your marketing plan into action through all aspects of the marketing mix: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Direct marketing, Pricing, Advertising and promotions, Public relations initiatives, Sales support materials, and Event planning).

Measuring Results. Smart vision consultants will learn you how to be successful in the long run, to establish metrics to track results and continually refine the approach. Our marketing planning process can be tailored to your specific needs. Generally the larger the business, the more involved the marketing plan. 

Our marketing expert provide clients with realistic marketing plan and schedule in each month what activity  you’ll need to take on to make your goals a reality.

Our teams will help clients promote their business such as design their business card, promotion on  networking and social relations (twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn, Website, Speak at events) effectively. Smart vision experts help your business achieve Higher marketing ROI, Increased customer retention, Lower management costs, Improved business intelligence, Higher profits.