Strategy Consulting

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In today’s changing business environment, it`s vital to have a strong business strategy to stay a head of the game. Balancing your day to day business activities while trying maintain a strategic mindset can be a difficult challenge.

Smart Vision for Business Consultancy has designed its strategy consulting services to fit the needs of small and non-profits businesses. We work with a wide range of  organizations at almost every stage of the business life-cycle. We help our clients define a clear vision, develop a road map, and then work closely with them to help achieve their goals.

Smart Vision for Business Consultancy provides business leaders with forward-looking business strategy consulting services as well as reviewing and defining your business strategy with the perspective to drive sustainable competitive advantage and develop opportunities for the future growth of your organization to achieve profitability.

Smart Vision for Business Consultancy delivers superior industry strategy consulting services across key areas including:

Corporate strategy and strategic planning. Corporate strategy, or creating value across different businesses, isn’t solely a matter of chasing the highest returns. It’s also about understanding your company’s strengths and how they can make a difference in where you choose to invest. Smart Vision for Business Consultancy can help senior executives decide on their corporate goals, and which individual businesses will allow them to meet their strategic objectives and help the company succeed as a whole. Smart Vision for Business Consultancy works closely with clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, the design of vision and mission statements, the development of strategic plans, and alliance management.

Smart Vision for Business Consultancy can help your organization achieves Stronger alignment between strategy and the allocation of scarce resources, Improved efficiency via shared resources and reduced duplication of effort, Reduced risk through diversification across complementary businesses, Better balance between short- and long-term objectives    

Business Model Transformation. Business Model Transformation focuses on the design and development of future-proof strategies, with the key difference that it spans fundamental changes in how business is conducted, often triggered by major changes in the external environment. Business Model Transformation has a wider span than strategy, looking at a range of organisational and operational elements and how they interact to achieve a common goal; such as value propositions, customer segments, cost structures and organisational structures.

Economic Policy service. Economic Policy service area involves a range of economic advisory services that support governments and international institutions with policy setting. Most offerings cover fiscal policy; which deals with government actions regarding taxation, budgets and spending, monetary policy; which deals with central banking actions regarding the money supply and interest rates, or government interventions across areas such as the labour market, national ownership, housing and many other areas.

Organizational effectiveness. Our strategy consulting services can help you tap the full potential of your workforce. We offer deep expertise and experience in organizational design, including leading-edge solutions as well as innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, designing organisational structures and corporate governance, assessing organisational competitiveness, developing human capital strategies and supporting strategic change management programmes and other aspects of workforce development. 

Operational Strategy Consulting. Smart Vision for Business Consultancy works with its clients across all areas of operational strategy to deliver a comprehensive and continuous program that ensures alignment with strategic objectives from the definition of the new organisation to its implementation. Our services include all operational strategy consulting such as Organisation, Governance & Culture, Supply Chain & Procurement, Operations & Efficiency, and Information & Technology Strategy.

Mergers and acquisitions. Smart Vision for Business Consultancy can provide you experienced, expert support for all facets of mergers and acquisitions including target identification and screening, due diligence, and post-merger integration. Strategy consulting firms serve companies and investors, for instance, with building business cases to understand the economic drivers of mergers or acquisitions, and further down the line, support clients with due diligence work on potential targets. Smart vision experts work with client executive management to assess the feasibility of integration project plans, benchmarks and timetables.  We specialize in keeping the integration on schedule and evaluating the functions of both entities to determine best practices.

Functional strategy. Our strategy consulting services include support for functional strategy development across all back-office operations including finance, human resources, procurement, and information technology. Functional Strategy involves the development of strategic plans and road maps for organisational functions, which can range from sales & marketing to finance, HR, supply chain, R&D or procurement. 

Digital strategies. In line with the rise of technology, digital strategies have surfaced to the forefront of strategic work, not just enabling business ambitions, but more than ever representing the crux between success and failed strategies, and as a result, the market for Digital Strategy has shown unprecedented growth of late.

The service area brings together elements from strategy and IT Organisation, and spans offerings such as developing a strategy for digital operations, the design of a corporate IT or online strategy, drafting approaches for analytics or cloud transitions, as well as high-level work for technology areas such as architecture, governance and application management.